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A Short BIO:

I just call myself Flow.
Short for floweasy.
Everybody has ideas, some they follow,
and some they let drift away.
Berlin and poetry are one of my ideas I followed.
Slam poetry, open mic, spoken word, these are all the things
I have been exploring my entire life in some way.
An oratorical contest here, a poem written there,
a book found yesterday, an experience,
a revelation, a poet, an idea, another dream come true.
Seems like those Friday nights at Reciprocity and Sankofa in Dallas,
Texas all paid off.
Since then I am growing.
Be on the lookout for do PethOughtfactoRy and the O.rganized M.ind P.roject.
Checkout The Issue Lounge in Kreuzberg (Muvuca, Gneisenau Str 2a) .

Born and From: Dallas, Texas
Right now: Berlin, Germany
Doing: a Fulbright on spoken word
Thinking 'bout: grad school (a master's in Public Health)
Got a BA: yeah, English and German (Austin College)
Muse: ich Langston Hughes, Meshell, memories,
anything with a chill vibe For real?
name: RonAmber Taneal Delone