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Wolf Hogekamp:

Die groesste pornoshow der erde:

Teil 1

Gehen wir! Let's go.

Verbs in the imperative mood make commands, requests, or instructions.
The form of the imperative varies depending on the implied or stated subject:
second person singular familiar
second person plural familiar (ihr)
second person singular polite (Sie)
first person plural (wir)

I. The second person singular familiar (du)
drops the normal _st ending for second person singular familiar
and omits the pronoun
Geh! Go.
Sprich! Speak.

II. The second person plural familiar (ihr)
uses the present tense of the verb and omits ihr:
Kommt! Come.
III. The second person singular polite (Sie)
uses the present tense of the verb followed by the pronoun Sie.
Kommen Sie! Come.
(literally, "Come, you.")
IV. The first person plural (wir) uses the infinitive of the verb followed by the pronoun.
This form is not commonly used.

Gehen wir! Let's go.